The Purple Book.

Knowledge is power, but being able to apply it is what makes it valuable. DECODED® bridges the knowledge gap between regulation and application. DECODED® translates complex topics into understandable and digestible segments of usable information. 

DECODED® offers books, workshops, and much, much more. 

What are we Decoding?

DECODED® was born out of the need that everyone feels the first time you have to read any part of the Uniform Guidance: to understand it. The team of seasoned Public Sector  professionals and a lawyer who make up the core of BFS realized that their collective experience could be used to make understanding all this stuff much easier. A stack of sticky notes, a lot of snacks,  and a pot of coffee later, DECODED® sprang to life. DECODED® is focused on translating the Uniform Guidance into bite sized, easy to understand chunks, but we aren't stopping there!

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