Knowledge is power, but being able to apply it is what makes it valuable. DECODED® represents the culmination of years of experience in delivering high quality training to  Local, State, Federal, and International bodies concerned with Public Sector affairs. 

In addition to Books and Workshops, other educational formats for the public sector are available from us!

What we train

DECODED® is laser focused on making the Public Sector a better place by teaching people how to better navigate the 2 CFR 200. While CFR Nerd isn't the only thing we proudly call ourselves, it's the one we like the most. DECODED®, like our friends at BFS, also loves LEA's, and we have a lot to offer them too. We even wrote the book on Texas Charter School Finance!

How We Train

We can deliver training either on-site or online. For online training, we will coordinate the delivery of any materials, meeting times, and points of access for participants to attend. All you need is an internet connection and the ability to run the software! For onsite delivery, we are flexible with setting the event up or just showing up.